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Snow Removal Agreement
Click here to download and print out the 2018-19 Snow Removal Agreement contract. Once printed, fill it out and drop it by or mail it to the CBS Metro office.

Tap Fee Increase Notice
Click here to view the Tap Fee Increase Notice.

2018 CBS Metro Newsletters
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Recent Items

10/24--the October 24 Board Meeting Agenda is posted.

10/8--the August 22 Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

10/1--the 2018-19 Snow Removal Agreement is posted.

9/18--the September 26 Board Meeting Agenda and July 25 Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

8/16--the August 22 Board Meeting Agenda and June 27th Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

6/28--Updated Rules & Regs and the May Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

5/21--the 2017 Drinking Water Report is posted.

5/15--the May Board Meeting Agenda and Tap Fee Increase Notice are posted.

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